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Pocket Roster Details

What are Pocket Rosters?

Pocket Rosters are laminated 2 x 3 youth sports rosters which allow parents and team supporters to identify players on their favorite team. They typically include a roster, schedule, and a small advertisement which allows us to provide the cards for free. They are pocket, purse and wallet friendly. They have a life expectancy comparable to the life span of a given team. Typically they are replaced or updated with each new season/session.

Pocket Rosters are an effective, affordable advertisement for your product and/or services. They are a continued reminder of your support for youth athletics, your customers and your commitment to the community.

The Pocket Roster Distribution System - How it works.

  • Local businesses, sponsors or benefactors pay a fee to produce the pocket roster.
  • Pocket Rosters are produced with the names, numbers, etc.. of all team members. A section of each card may be reserved for the acknowledgement of a benefactor or business advertisement.
  • All costs are accounted for by the benefactor or business advertiser. Pocket rosters are then provided free to local youth team parents and supporters.
  • Roster information is provided directly to Pocket Ads. All information is used solely for the production of the Pocket Roster.
  • After production the Pocket Rosters are delivered directly to the team representative who in turn distributes them to parents and supporters.