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High School Pocket Roster Program

The High School Pocket Roster Program was developed to:

  1. Provide roster / schedule cards to high school sports teams at no cost to the participating school
  2. Provide convenient mechanism for local businesses to support high school atheltic programs while advertising their products and services
  3. Provide an alternate means for fund raising

How it works

  1. A high school sports team solicits advertisers to provide roster cards
  2. The team submits a request for Pocket Rosters, along with contact information for advertiser(s)
  3. Pocket Ads contacts advertiser(s) to establish an appropriate advertising package
  4. Pocket Ads produces the rosters and 30% of the proceeds are donated to the athletic department in the name of the advertising company
  5. Where there is an interest for a higher volume of cards, the team may also elect to sell Roster Cards at the door to raise additional funds.

This progam is new and extrememly flexible. If you have any questions or alternate ideas on how to implement the High School Pocket Roster Program, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Take a look at a sample card that was made for the Athens Drive Lacrosse Team