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Advertising Packages

Package Quantity Price
Starter < 100 $2.50 / card
Bronze 100 $200
Silver 250 $450
Gold 500 $750

Advertising Models

There are two types of marketing models for Pocket Rosters:

  1. Order an Advertising Package

    A vendor selects one of several advertising packages above along with a participating sports facility, organization, or geographic area. PocketAds uses a standard process to obtain required data directly from the facility or organization and produces the number of team roster cards associated with the chosen advertising package. Large leagues may have multiple advertisers. If a vendor chooses a geographic area, PacketAds will use available sports facilities in that area to fulfill the advertising package quantity.
  2. Order Team / League Specific Advertising

    A vendor supplies team pocket rosters to a specific team or league. Using this model, the number of cards supplied will be based on the team and/or league size. The vendor also supplies contact information for the team or league coordinator and PocketAds will make arrangments to obtain the required data, produce, and distribute the cards. Pricing is determined on a sliding scale.