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Advertising Details

Advertising with Pocket Rosters is an excellent, afforadable approach to gain exposure in targeted markets. We use the Pocket Roster System to match businesses to local area sports teams and facilities.

By selecting one of our advertising packages, your business can target a specific geographical area, specific participating sports facilities and organizations, or choose to sponsor one or more specific teams.

Typical advertisement options such as mailers, news letters, or emailings offer a one-time view. By combining advertising with valuable information, Pocket Rosters become a sticky marketing tool. A typical Pocket Roster has a lifespan of about 3 months. It will be carried in a wallet or purse and viewed often to reference player and schedule information.

Pocket Rosters are typically "refreshed" at the start of each new season, allowing advertisers to continually provide fresh marketing information at an affordable advertising rate.


Pocket Rosters were originally created as a friendly way to introduce a small business to team members' families in a non-intrusive manner. They created an opportunity to provide a handy product along with some name recognition, while conveying an interest in supporting youth sports.
With the success of this strategy, we quickly discovered the much larger potential marketing value. So, we expanded the product and are now in the process of matching small and large businesses to their desired target markets across the country.

Become an Advertiser

If you would like to become a participating advertiser, please review our advertising packages and feel free to contact us with any questions or ideas.

Submit an Organization or Facility

If you have a sports organization or facility in your area that you would like to submit to receive Pocket Rosters for their teams and/or leagues, please submit the Organization or League Roster Request form and we will contact them immediately to add them to the Pocket Roster System.